Friday, 23 December 2011

What is a Kindle

Just though it worth making some notes about KINDLE, as on the run up to Christmas this year, many people have talked about Kindle without really knowing how it works.

KINDLE is an ebook system created by AMAZON, and within this system, books are available to download (some free and some pay) from the Amazon web site. However, the item which is being advertised on TV is the KINDLE READER, which is available in a couple of versions, WiFi only and WiFi & 3G.

It works like this:
You login into your Amazon account and buy a ebook (or 'buy' a free book for £0), the book is then added to your library.
Once in your library (on Amazon's Server), you can download to your 'reader'

Your 'Reader': 
This can be either the KINDLE READER (or DEVICE), or to any of the free applications which can sit on your other 'devices' , like your PC, MAC, Smartphone (Android, iPhone) or Android Tablet or iPAD. The Android and Apples devices also have their own ebook systems, (ibooks or Aldiko Books) which yo can subscribe to and use if you like, but once you have a KINDLE Account...any device will do. Once purchased, you can download to more than one device.

So you do not have to wait to buy a KINDLE Device to take advantage of the KINDLE System. Although the Kindle reader is a great holiday / travel device, nice and light, low power usage, but this is because there is no backlight so just like a normal book a light to read by is needed.

I have downloaded both novels and technical manuals to my Kindle and found that reading a novel is a good experience, but trying to use it as a technical manual is not as good and a traditional paper version would be better. 

There is a new Kindle Reader Device for sale now, it is a smaller version without the 3G and a keyboard, and is cheaper, well worth the money.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Thompson House

My late wife Melanie Thompson worked at Leeds Federated Housing Association for over 15 years. Melanie sadly lost her fight with Cancer on 16th August 2010.  To remember her huge contribution to LFHA, the company has named one of their newly refurbished houses in her memory.
The Warden’s House at Oaktree Court Sheltered Housing Complex on Oaktree Drive, Gipton, has been converted into a 3 person & 1 carer self contained living unit.
The residents moved into their new house on 4th June and the family attended an official naming ceremony on the 5th Sept. This is a fitting tribute to Melanie and her years of work for LFHA. The family feel very privileged and thank LFHA for granting this tremendous honour in memory of Melanie. there are some photos and a link to a video on Youtube.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

A great night out at ALFE's in Keighley

What a great night we had at ALFE's of Church Street, Keighley, excellent food, excellent service, all at a reasonable price. One of the best Chinese meals I have had. Check out the web site.. Many thanks to both AL and Jordan for making us so welcome.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

More free software and apps to note

The new version of an application called 'EVERNOTE' is really good, it is available for all platforms, PC, MAC, iPAD, iTouch and Android. It is more than a note taking or memo writing package, it can be used for notes, voice / sound recording and clipping web site. The best thing it syncs all your platform apps together, So if you make a note on your HTC android phone, it appears on your PC at home. Very good free app if you have many platforms and pieces of kit. You get some free storage (enough for most uses) but there is an option to pay monthly for more ($5 per month I think!!)  Free apps are the best I think though.

Something which has just come out is Google+, a rival to FACEBOOK, sign up and join in.......

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hunslet Festival & Gala

Saturday the 25th of June was the 8th Hunslet Community Gala, organised by the Hunslet Festival Committee.  What a great event, the best ever in my opinion, we had great weather, great acts in the arena, great attractions and rides. As always although small in size, it all fits on to a football pitch, there is a very large community spirit. I have just got the photos uploaded from the day taken by Jeff...thanks to him (plus some by myself). Follow the links from the web site and it leads to the Gala photo album and archive on Picasa web albums (a very good free on-line service).

Sunday, 5 June 2011

My first Camera

After a little dabbling in photography at Kitson College in the early 70"s, the entry level SLR (single lens reflex) camera was either a choice of a Practica or a Zenith E, I chose the latter a classic robust machine made with solid Russian craftmanship. As with most Zenith owners and battling with the lack of through the lens metering, I upgraded after a year to my 'dream' camera. The Olympus OM1 (MD), the MD stood for Motor Drive version....don't get excited, it only meant that it had the contacts and gears to add a separate motor drive which would the film on automatically (a feature of all modern film cameras, now, if you can find a film camera!!!!). Although the Zenith was sold to a work colleague, I still have the OM1, although sadly the through-the-lens metering system does not work. 

Monday, 23 May 2011

A Treat......The Jewel of India, Otley

Nice atmosphere, polite staff, very nice food and reasonable prices, fully recommend the Jewel of |India in Bridge Street Otley,