Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Snow Snow

I suppose it wasn't a surprise when on Tues morning it started to snow....the forecasters got it dead right, (snowing in Leeds starts at 5am)  and there will be 4 inches. So Leeds came to a grinding stop.  However, there was this dilemma, Radio Leeds had not mentioned Abbey Grange in the school closed list, so  do we set of or don't we? Because at every other occasion of snow, Abbey Grange has been one of the first schools to close, usually because the buses can'k get up the hill.  But we 'The Thompson's' managed to struggle to the car and safely got the kid's to the School Bus Stop...and the bus arrived on time.  So the snow came   and came   and came, 4 inches fell in the next 6 hours and guess what, the school closed early and the kids were home by 1.30pm.  Of course they spent the rest of the afternoon in the Garden having snowball fights.

On the news they do say that it is the worst snow since 1978 or so, I think they were right. Although over the last 15 years or so we have had some traffic crippling falls of the white stuff. Call it luck, but it seemed that in that last 15 years, every time we have had a heavy downfall, I have been off work for whatever reasons. I will always remember the day I went to the hospital in 1995, to pick up Melanie and baby Simon James at 1pm. As we walked out of the door of  Jimmy's there was a light flutter, by 5pm, the whole of Leeds was at a standstill.

Mind you we have escaped the drifts for the last few years, so I suppose it was really our turn.