Thursday, 16 September 2010

Have you a Video Camera?

Having owned a video camera since the early 1980's, yes, one of those very large cameras with an even larger full size VHS "portable" recorder, which needed a flight bag to carry it in. I have moved with the technology through small tapes to a hand-held mini DVD camcorder, which as the format of the moment. But having been so confused with the different types of discs, the different formats to record on with the hassle of transferring to the PC. Seeing a review of the FLIP video camcorder (Flip Ultra 2nd Gen, HD) looked good. After filming some of the Gala this June on the DVD camera, and the hassle of trying to get this shared, I wondered if the Flip was the camera for me. So was I right? Spot on- yes it was, small and compact, simple to operate one botton for record and one button for playback, either direct into a TV via a mini HDMI lead (buy it on ebay, much cheaper) or direct into the Computer using the built in USB connector. Of course for the the best advantage of this was the FLIP software which installs itself from the camera, so easy to use, copy, make movies with sounds etc, string sequences together and auto upload to Youtube if required. So a really great camera. As an advantage, there is a waterproof case available for about £30, it is safe down to about 9 metres. Well we will soon see at Half term when we go to Majorca!!!!