Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Eve

For us Christmas Eve usually culminates in Midnight Mass at St Mary's Beeston and this year was no exception. So for the early part of the evening, we go visit friends in Rothwell and take the 50yard walk to the Village Christmas Tree at the local ex Town Hall, where the Rothwell Temperance Band play a selection of Christmas Carols accompanied by about 200 local residents. It lasts about an hour and is all very civilised, no trouble and no hassle. The band did very well considering it was cold and after the recent spell of snow, all white and somewhat slippy in places. It was a really nice prelude and preparation for our visit to Church later on. Click on the link here to hear an audio extract. 

Thursday, 17 December 2009

A night out in Liverpool

After a a few weeks off work, my first week back included the annual works 'do' in Liverpool. Not being a fan of 'clubbing', I was looking forward to a nice meal and a couple of drinks with my workmates.  I was at first apprehensive, when the suggestion of going 'Japanese' (nothing like going 'Dutch'). Having only discovered Chinese food in my late 20's, Japanese food to me was always rumoured to be uncooked fish or Sushi, but as we all know this is not the case.  We were booked into the 'Sapporo Teppanyaki' and how wrong I was. As the only fish that I eat is Haddock, usually well battered, I opted for the Garlic Chicken stuffed with asparagus served with veg, potatoes, egg fried rice and mushrooms, all of which was cooked on the hotplate in front of us. I can say that it was the best meal I had had for a long time, so well done to my colleague John who organised the night out for us and the staff at Sapporo Liverpool, (although the Manager was called Costas and my comment 'Costas, a good old Japanese name' raised a smile with the staff.......The service was very good, although the Japanese beer we had tasted very much like San Miguel. All in all a really great night.........have a 

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Why use BlogSpot?

I have been using smart phones for some years now, starting with the Sony-Ericsson P910i (which was a great phone in its time), I now use a HTC Magic from Vodafone which uses the Google Android OS. It was this that made me move my main email server to GMail from the NTL World system and MS Outlook. Using Gmail makes sync with the HTC Magic very easy and of course makes all the other google 'gadgets' and services easy to interface with. I have always been a fan of Google, using it as my default Search Engine and used Picasa Photo software for some time (probably the best free software around). So in keeping with the Google 'products' this is why I use Blogspot as my prefered 'authoring tool' of choice.