Saturday, 27 March 2010

Something for free-great utilities

There are lots of free software available out there, but every now and then you come across one which is is really good, some time ago, I discovered Picasa (now on version 3), one of the best photo organising and simple editing systems. But just recently I have been using 'Dropbox' which is a web based storage system which automatically syncs up to your computers or laptops. Once set up, you can upload files to the storage area via the web, but the most useful aspect is that, a small piece of software can be downloaded so that individual PC's and/or laptops can be auto synced up. That is to say, save a file into 'My Dropbox' directory on your laptop, it saves to the web storage and also is synced up to your main PC immediately. It is very useful in the Thompson household, as we use it to 'drop' docs from the various family laptops to the main PC to access the printer. (Very useful since after my recent re-load of windows, I cannot get the printer sharing to work correctly across the network).  Try it out, it is Free for up to 2Gigs worth of storage, and if you recommend friends they increase your space up to 3G.  You can also set permission so others can access your shared directories if you wish. ... log in via

A couple of other pieces of software to try, this time for encrypting files,  cryptainerLE   and Safehouse, both are supposed to work on a PC and portable data storage however, I could not get Cryptainer to work on my Memory Stick, but otherwise seem to work OK.  Just dont forget the password......Try them out:   &